Born and raised in the area around Venice, surrounded by Andrea Palladio’s beautiful examples of architecture, Alessandra Donà took her first steps in the world of pearls during collaboration with some of the most important international maisons.
She travelled in Europe and the Orient for years, perfecting her experience and knowledge of the markets and the world’s main pearl cultivation regions.


This decade of experience, flanked by a refined aesthetic sensibility she inherited from her Veneto culture, meant Alessandra was now ready to make her dream come true, ready to create jewels that carry her name. Her ideas lead to earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces with timeless charm, the perfect balance of tradition and vision.


Jewels that shun the temptation of fleeting trends to design the future on an imaginary axis that harmoniously unites the greatness of the past with expressions of what has yet to come.

Jewels by Alessandra Donà express the here and now of the centuries-old story that nurtured her, a story that the world has always loved.